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Officers, Club Managers and other positions

Club Managers  (click on name for email)
   Don Pitt  ph. home: 503-362-8915     cell: 503-551-6210
   Steve Drew  ph. home: 503-472-6092    cell: 503-560-3738

Salem Bridge Club
President      Paul Graham
Vice Pres      Shirley Layne
Secretary      Sharon Douglas
Treasurer      Judy Lathrop
Education      Jeff Nevins
At Large       Dave Astle
At large       Jack Wetherson
Club Manager   Don Pitt 

Oak Valley Bridge Club
President    JoAnne Benkstein 
Vice Pres      Shirley Crenshaw
Secretary      Susan Hamilton
Treasurer      Ben Mitchell
At large       Allison Drew
Club Manager   Steve Drew

Unit 490
President               Don Pitt
Vice Pres               Loren Meyer
Secretary               Carolyn Orr
Treasurer               Judy Lathrop
Oak Valley Liaison      Steve Drew 
Hospitality Co-Chair   Laurie Naemura
Hospitality Co-Chair   Diane French
Education              Jeff Nevins