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Unit 490 Monthly 1st Sunday Game


What a wonderful Christmas party we had!!  Kudos to Laurie, Dianne, Shain, Judy, George and everyone else who worked to get it together.

Congratulations to Ross and Jeanne Hibler for the well deserved recognition: The Club Sportsmanship Award.  This is given by the directors to the person or persons who demonstrate kindness, consideration, and politeness to their fellow bridge players at the table.

Our next Sunday Unit game will be on January 6, 2019.  Ellie Pfitzer will be preparing the main dish.  Please bring a side dish or dessert.

Remember, Kevin will teach a lesson at 12 noon, lunch is served at 12:30, the game starts at 1:00pm.



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Unit 490 News & Managers Message

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To​​ Members, old and new,       December 2018

I thought I would write a letter updating and reminding everyone about some things​​ regarding our Salem Bridge Club. ​​ Some of you may know all of this, but some may not.

First, we have a website where you can find the results of the game just played, information about future games and events,​​ and who to contact about the Club. ​​ It is ​​ Check it out and watch for​​ new developments. ​​ We also have an email address. ​​ It is​​ ​​ I check it weekly, so if you have ideas or concerns, let me know.

We support​​ local charities through member donations. ​​ They are: Homeless Youth Resource Center,​​ ​​ Marion County​​ Food Share, Union Gospel Mission and Salvation Army. ​​ In addition, we have occasional charity games to support ACBL Education programs and​​ this year in December we will​​ have charity games to support the victims of the California​​ Fires. These charity games cost an​​ extra dollar and donations are solicited. ​​ All extra funds​​ go​​ to​​ the charity. ​​ 

We also have occasional special games, such as club championships, STaC games, membership appreciation and so on. ​​ These games may cost an extra dollar but they award extra master points and sometimes,​​ red, silver, or gold points. ​​ They are indicated on the calendar of events.​​ 

We purchased new boards to make the dealing easier for the dealers. ​​ So we have several sets of boards, cards and cases that we can sell. ​​ If you are interested in running​​ a duplicate like game at home, the sets are $75​​ for 36 boards filled with cards and a case to carry them in. ​​ 

We have several new directors. ​​ Please be kind and patient as they begin to try their wings at directing. ​​ 

Our parent organization ACBL provides us many benefits:

  • They created and support the computerized scoring and reporting system and the Bridgemates

  • They train and sanction directors​​ 

  • They​​ promote this game we all​​ enjoy and provide the framework​​ that makes it fair and fun for all​​ 

  • They publish a monthly bulletin with news and lots of tips and tools for improving your​​ playing skills

  • They sponsor tournaments where you​​ can meet new people and improve​​ your play

  • They accumulate your masterpoints​​ 

  • They return a portion of your dues to the local Club

We encourage everyone to join ACBL. ​​ You may do so by going to or filling out an application form. ​​ Annual dues are just $49.

And finally, remember to be kind at the table, be quiet​​ when others are still playing and to clean up after yourselves.​​ 


Thank you for the honor of being your Club Manager!


Jean McKinney




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