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About Us

The Salem Bridge probably started in the 1950s.  Arthur and Marian Lewis were among the principal founders.  At first, games were played at members' homes.  When we joined in 1974, club games were held at the Meadow lawn Clubhouse.  Previously, then had been held at the Knights of Columbus.  SBC moved to Westgate Shopping Center in the late 1970s.  We rented our own space so there was no need for table setup and take down.  When Westgate was converted to its current configuration, we first moved first to a temporary location (a restaurant on S. Commercial), then to KSAS. 

Elmer O. Berg (1/2/1908 to 12/2/1996) was the longtime Head Director of Unit 490.  Grace Ohmart and Ruth Vaughn were our principal club game directors in the 1970s and 1980s.  Dave Canoy was directing the 0-20 MP junior game in 1974.   John Gram became head director and club manager in the 1990s.

The Oak Valley Bridge Club has been playing in McMinnville since the early 1980s with long-time manager and director Steve Drew . We recently moved our Monday game to the First Presbyterian Church, where Randy Naef directs our Monday games. We also support a Thursday class for our newer players run by our president Barbara Nelson.

Officers, Club Managers and other positions

Oak Valley Bridge Club
        President      Barbara Nelson
        Vice Pres      Shirley Crenshaw
        Secretary      JoAnne Benkstein
        Treasurer      Mike Green
        At large       Randy Naef
        Club Manager   Steve Drew

Salem Bridge Club
        President      Paul Graham
        Vice Pres      vacant 
        Secretary      David Astle 
        Treasurer      Judy Lathrop 
        At large       Sharon Douglas 
        At large       Jack Wetherson
        Club Manager   Don Pitt

Unit 490
        President            Don Pitt
        Vice Pres             Loren Meyer
        Secretary             Carolyn Orr
        Treasurer             Judy Lathrop
        Oak Valley Liaison    Steve Drew 
        1st Hospital Co-Chair   Laurie Naemura
        2nd Hospital Co-Chair   Diane French