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It's Swiss Mixer time again. The next mixer will be Saturday night, February 16th, at Capital Manor in West Salem. Game time is 6PM. We had 5 teams in October and 6 teams in December. Hoping to keep that nice turnout going. For those playing KOs or Swiss at the Oregon Trail Regional, this might be a nice IMP-format warmup. Also, it's Club Championship night so some extra masterpoints will be available. For those not familiar with the concept: A "Swiss Mixer" is a swiss teams game with a couple of twists. First off, players are to come as PAIRS. No pre-made teams. Teams will be created right before game time. Secondly, I try to make the teams as even as possible. No super-teams. Teams are created by semi-randomly matching a more experienced pair with a less experienced pair. As such, the matches should be fairly competitive... everyone has a chance to win - and since it's Swiss Teams, masterpoints are awarded for each match victory as well as for overall success. Questions? Feel free to contact me. Want to play but don't want to drive after dark? Let us know and we'll see what we can arrange. Thanks very much, Kevin Kacmarynski Salem Bridge Club Saturday night game director
July 2017
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